Books for Sharing --share book share knowledge

To best utilize the books, Books for sharing of FDUL make an initiative to all students and staff, especially the graduating students, that please donate your spare books, and we will help you send the books to the students who need them. The donors will get a donation certificate.

Donation site

The Information desk of the Arts Library (Handan Campus)
The Information desk of the Science Library (Handan Campus)
The Information desk of the Medical Library (Fenglin Campus)

Service Hours
Monday ~ Friday 8 : 00-11 : 30 13 : 30-17 : 00

If you donate a large amount of books and cannot deliver them to the donation sites yourself, we will arrange for on-site service. Please contact:

Handan Campus

Ms. Song, Jie or Mr. Wang, Chunhua on 65643172 , the Arts Library
Ms. Chen, Chaoqun or Ms. Xu, Jin on 65643773, the Science Library

Fenglin Campus

Ms. Yu, Jian  on 54237067, the Medical Library