Philosophical Conversations: A Concise Historical Introduction
【作  者】Norman Melchert
【出版社】Oxford University Press (2009)
【索书号】B0-4 /M518 /E
【简  介】This brief and engaging introductory text treats philosophy as a dramatic and continuous story--a conversation about humankind's deepest and most persistent concerns, in which students are encouraged to participate. Tracing the exchange of ideas between history's key philosophers, Philosophical Conversations: A Concise Historical Introduction demonstrates that while constructing an argument or making a claim, one philosopher almost always has others in mind. The book addresses the fundamental questions of human life: Who are we? What can we know? How should we live? and What sort of reality do we inhabit? Throughout, author Norman Melchert provides a generous selection of excerpts from major philosophical works and makes them more easily understandable with his lucid explanations. Extensive cross-references highlight the organizing themes and show students how philosophers have responded to each other's arguments.
A Social History of Knowledge: From Gutenberg to Diderot
【作  者】Peter Burke
【出版社】Polity (December 19, 2000)
【索书号】C912.67-09 /B959 /E(HF)
【简  介】In this book Peter Burke adopts a socio-cultural approach to examine the changes in the organization of knowledge in Europe from the invention of printing to the publication of the French Encyclopédie.
The book opens with an assessment of different sociologies of knowledge from Mannheim to Foucault and beyond, and goes on to discuss intellectuals as a social group and the social institutions (especially universities and academies) which encouraged or discouraged intellectual innovation. Then, in a series of separate chapters, Burke explores the geography, anthropology, politics and economics of knowledge, focusing on the role of cities, academies, states and markets in the process of gathering, classifying, spreading and sometimes concealing information. The final chapters deal with knowledge from the point of view of the individual reader, listener, viewer or consumer, including the problem of the reliability of knowledge discussed so vigorously in the seventeenth century.
One of the most original features of this book is its discussion of knowledges in the plural. It centres on printed knowledge, especially academic knowledge, but it treats the history of the knowledge 'explosion' which followed the invention of printing and the discovery of the world beyond Europe as a process of exchange or negotiation between different knowledges, such as male and female, theoretical and practical, high-status and low-status, and European and non-European.
Although written primarily as a contribution to social or socio-cultural history, this book will also be of interest to historians of science, sociologists, anthropologists, geographers and others in another age of information explosion.
The Koreas between China and Japan
【编  者】Lee Guen, Victor Teo
【出版社】Cambridge Scholars Publishing (August 1, 2014)
【索书号】D731.22 /K84 /E
【简  介】The trajectory of Sino-Japanese relations over the last two decades has left many wondering whether there were any strategic issues of importance that Beijing and Tokyo could actually agree upon. The Korean peninsula, strategically nestled between China, Japan and Russia, has traditionally been "seen" as a sphere of influence for the Great Powers. Avoiding all-out conflict and ensuring a nuclear-free Korean Peninsular are certainly strategic goals that both China and Japan share; yet, despite alternating between political pressure and diplomatic efforts, Japan and China have found it extremely difficult to guide the tone and direction of politics in intra-Korea affairs. Both South and North Korea have been extremely adept at fending off any perceived attempts to influence their domestic and foreign policies. Pyongyang and Seoul have shown remarkable political gumption and diplomatic skill, not only resisting Great Power influence, but even managing to advance their political agendas in this very tempestuous neighborhood. As a result, both South and North Korea punch above their strategic weight in international affairs. This collection of essays addresses different dimensions of the interaction between the Koreas, China and Japan in the 21st Century, and makes a valuable contribution to studies of these regional actors' positions in the International Relations of Asia-Pacific during the era since the end of the Korean War.
Freelancing in the creative industries
【作  者】Karen Le Rossignol, Claire Wilson
【出版社】Oxford University Press (March 1, 2016)
【索书号】F246 /L433 /E
【简  介】This textbook will provide a one-stop-shop of all you will need to know as an emerging freelancer in the arts. However, its emphasis on creative thinking and problem solving through diverse case studies ensures that it is more than just a manual on processes. The aim of this book is to train adaptable freelancers who are able to think strategically in an ever-changing arts sector. It places the Australian arts sector in the Asia-Pacific region and encourages emerging freelance practitioners to open their minds to diverse ways of practicing, such as exploring cross-disciplinary practices or developing creative online marketing strategies.
Key concepts in modern Indian studies
【作  者】Gita Dharmpal Frick, Professor Monika Kirolskar Steinbach, Professor Rachel Dwyer
【出版社】NYU Press (November 6, 2015)
【索书号】K351.03 /K44 /E
【简  介】Modern Indian studies have recently become a site for new, creative, and thought-provoking debates extending over a broad canvas of crucial issues. As a result of socio-political transformations, certain concepts—such as ahimsa, caste, darshan, and race—have taken on different meanings. 
Bringing together ideas, issues, and debates salient to modern Indian studies, this volume charts the social, cultural, political, and economic processes at work in the Indian subcontinent. Authored by internationally recognized experts, this volume comprises over one hundred individual entries on concepts central to their respective fields of specialization, highlighting crucial issues and debates in a lucid and concise manner. 
Each concept is accompanied by a critical analysis of its trajectory and a succinct discussion of its significance in the academic arena as well as in the public sphere. Enhancing the shared framework of understanding about the Indian subcontinent, Key Concepts in Modern Indian Studies will provide the reader with insights into vital debates about the region, underscoring the compelling issues emanating from colonialism and postcolonialism.
Newton's apple and other myths about science
【作  者】Ronald L Numbers, Kostas Kampourakis
【出版社】Harvard University Press, 2015
【索书号】N09 /N567 /E
【简  介】While the general public is only beginning to grasp it, the fact that the social definition of individuals and groups plays a major role in how they are addressed by law enforcement has become common knowledge among scholars. This book sets that understanding for the first time in a philosophical context, showing how we can use phenomenology to help us understand how and why police make decisions about legitimacy and illegality based on social constructions. Written by an internationally known specialist in the intersection of criminology and philosophy, the book will be essential reading for scholars and students in both fields and for those working with social policy as well.
Ancient Bodies, Modern Lives: How Evolution Has Shaped Women's Health
【作  者】Wenda Trevathan
【出版社】Oxford University Press, 2010
【索书号】R173 /T812 /E(HF)
【简  介】How has bipedalism impacted human childbirth? Do PMS and postpartum depression have specific, maybe even beneficial, functions? These are only two of the many questions that specialists in evolutionary medicine seek to answer, and that anthropologist Wenda Trevathan addresses in Ancient Bodies, Modern Lives . Exploring a range of women's health issues that may be viewed through an evolutionary lens, specifically focusing on reproduction, Trevathan delves into issues such as the medical consequences of early puberty in girls, the impact of migration, culture change, and poverty on reproductive health, and how fetal growth retardation affects health in later life. Hypothesizing that many of the health challenges faced by women today result from a mismatch between how their bodies have evolved and the contemporary environments in which modern humans live, Trevathan sheds light on the power and potential of examining the human life cycle from an evolutionary perspective, and how this could improve our understanding of women's health and our ability to confront health challenges in more creative, effective ways.
Cultural Turns: New Orientations in the Study of Culture
【作  者】Doris Bachmann-Medick
【出版社】Walter de Gruyter, 2016
【索书号】G02 /B124 /E
【简  介】This book provides a comprehensive overview of cultural turns - groundbreaking theoretical reorientations in the study of culture, the humanities and the social sciences. It features chapters on the interpretive, performative, reflexive, postcolonial, translational, spatial and iconic turns while introducing emerging developments. This translation of a revised German classic is the first synthesis of cultural turns in the English-speaking world.
Fictionalizing the World: Rethinking the Politics of Literature
【编  者】Louisa Söllner, Anita Vr?ina
【出版社】Peter Lang (October 7, 2015)
【索书号】I0-05 /F448 /E
【简  介】 The book offers ten essays which explore the interaction between literature and politics. The authors investigate a variety of genres including young-adult fiction, national poetry, novels, autobiography, and performance art from different time periods ranging from the 18th up to the 21st century from the Americas, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Grouped in three sections, the essays focus on the relationship between fiction and identity; the creation of spaces of/in fiction; and the interplay of irony and fiction. They reveal that fiction has a fundamental potential not only to react to but also to affect and shape the world. This offers a possibility to negotiate and re-imagine the ways in which we perceive the world and position ourselves within it.
Media Practices and Celebrity Culture
【作  者】Kim McNamara
【出版社】Polity (December 2, 2015)
【索书号】J403 /M169 /E
【简  介】Paparazzi photography has emerged as a key element in today’s media landscape. This book charts the historical and cultural significance of the industry, profiles its protagonists and discusses how its imagery of celebrity have become a major part of media consumption. 
Kim McNamara examines the various ways in which the controversial paparazzi industry is structured, including its workforce practices, development of image markets, and how it has been reconfigured during the transition from analogue paper-based photography to digital platforms. It adds to the literature on celebrity studies, unraveling the importance of the paparazzi to celebrities, and the integral nature of images - both spontaneous and staged to public relations and marketing content. 
Based on interviews worldwide with key industry players, including agency managers, photo editors and photographers, from Los Angeles to London, the book argues that the paparazzi should be given central importance in any analysis of media culture.
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