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Interlibrary Loan Service Guide(Jan. 2013)
1. Service Users
2. Service Contents 
3. Application
4. Policy for Free Charge  
5. Service Promise
6. Charge 
7. Pay Methods
8. Introduction to Loan Period
9. Service Time and Contact
10.Supplementary Provisions

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1  Service Users 
The service is available to all faculties, staff members,students of Fudan University.

2  Service Contents
Interlibrary loan service provides all faculties, staff members, students of Fudan University with books from the libraries outside Fudan University Library ( FUL ). There are two means of interlibrary loan as follows:
(1) Use the Ordinary Interlibrary Card:
Go to Room 305, Arts & Humanities Library ( Interlibrary Loan & Document Delivery Office ) to exchange an interlibrary card with the individual valid documentation. The reader must go to to Shanghai Information Resources Network Libraries to borrow books in person. When the reader borrows books by means of the interlibrary card, he or she should show the student card or working card.
The following interlending cooperative libraries are available:


Shanghai Library

Shanghai University Library

Library of Shanghai Fisheries University

Shanghai International Studies University Library

Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade Library

Shanghai Normal University Library

Shanghai Jiao Tong University Library

Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Library

Shanghai University of Engineering Science Library

Shanghai University of Sport Library

Shanghai Maritime University Library

University of Shanghai for Science and Technology Library

Shanghai Second Polytechnic University Library

Shanghai Second Medical University Library Information Center

Chinese Medical Association Shanghai Branch Library

Dong Hua University Library

Shanghai Documentation and Information Center of Chinese Academy of Science

Tongji University Library

East China Normal University Library

The Library of East China University of Political Science and Law

East China University of Science and Technology Library

The Second Military Medical University Library

Science and Technology Library of Baosteel Group Co.

Shanghai Theatre Academy Library

Shanghai Academy o f Agricultural Science Library

China Europe International Business School Library

Shanghai Universityof Traditional Chinese Medicine Library

Shanghai Academy of Social Science Library

Shanghai TV University Library

National Library of China

i. In general, the range of book borrowing is common books and periodicals will be provided for readers by copy.
ii.The borrower is responsible for the borrowed documents. The documents should be returned on time. If the book is stained, damaged or lost, the borrower should make reparations according to the relevant provisions of the lending instituion.If the book is overdue, the borrower should accept the punishment of a fine.

(2) Submit the Applicaion of Interlibrary Loan through the Network Management System:
Use Interlibrary Loan Service of the Library to submit the applicaion of interlibrary loan on the internet. Then, the staff of Interlibrary Loan Office will borrow books for the reader. After the books are acquired, the reader will be informed to go to Interlibrary Loan Office to take the books by E-mail or by phone.

3 Application

New Users:
(1) Log on http://ill.sh.calis.edu.cn/gateway/ and use individual campus ID card number and password to confirm identity. Click “New User Register” → Select “Formal User Register” → Fill Out Account Information (Note: Items marked with * have to be completed.) → Click “Submit”. Then, wait for the staff to confirm your account information.
Means of Account Confirmation:
· Go to Room 305, Arts & Humanities Library for the counter confirmation.
· Send E-mail to libill@fudan.edu.cn for the confirmation in writing.
· Call 021-65643176 for the confirmation by phone

(2) After confirmation, log on http://ill.sh.calis.edu.cn/gateway/ to submit your interlibrary loan application. 

(3) After the books are acquired, the staff will inform thr reader to go to Room 305, Art & Humanities Library to take the books.

Old Users(Registered Users):
(1)Log on 
http://ill.sh.calis.edu.cn/gateway/ and use individual campus ID card number and password to confirm identity. Then, use the user ID and password used in the register to log on the Interlibrary Loan Service of the Library to submit the application.

(2) After the books are acquired, the staff will inform thr reader to go to Room 305, Art & Humanities Library to take the books.

Within one working day, the request will be processed. Once the book is obtained by the staff, the reader will be informed to take the book within one working day.

4 Policy for Free Charge
From 18th April 2011, all faculties, staff members, students of Fudan University are provided with free interlibrary loan service( 15 books per year ). The extra books will be charged according to the standard tariff.

5  Service Promise
Books in Shanghai region are available within seven working days (If the application is submitted before 5:00 pm Tuesday, the books can be taken this Thursday. If the application is submitted after 5:00 pm Tuesday, the books can be taken the next Thursday.)
Books in national libraries of China are available within ten working days.

6  Charge
If borrowing and returning through FUL, service charges are as follows:
(1) Shanghai Information Resources Network Libraries: Chinese book RMB 5.00 per volume; foreign book RMB 10.00 per volume.
(2) National Library of China: RMB 20.00 per volume 
(3) CASHL Interlibrary Loan Fee: RMB 80.00 per book.

7  Pay Methods
Either prepay or pay afterwards by cash or through internal money transfer book. 

8 Introduction to Loan Period 
(1) Library in Shanghai Region: The loan period is two weeks. The overdue fine is RMB 0.50 per book per day.
(2) National Library of China : The loan period is one week. The overdue fine is RMB 5.00 per book per day.

9  Service Time and Contact
Service Time: Monday to Friday 8: 00-11: 30; 13: 30-17: 00

Handan Campus: 
Post Address: Room 305, Periodical Department, Fudan University Library, No.220 Handan Rd. , Shanghai
Post Code: 200433 
Contact Person: Xi Yongchun 
Tel: 021-55664467 
Fax: 021-55665649 
E-Mail : 

Fenglin Campus: 
Post Address: Room 102, Medical Library of Fudan University, No.130 Dongan Rd. , Shanghai
Post Code: 200032 
Contact Person: Hu Lei, Zhou Yueqin 
Tel: 021-54237822 
Fax: 021-64037222 
E-Mail :

10  Supplementary Rules
(1) The use of documents delivered by Fudan University Library is subject to the Chinese copyright regulations.
(2) Fudan University Library reserves the rights to interpret and revise this service handbook.