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In order to develop a close relationship between the Library and academic departments, to help faculty and students fully use the Library resources and services, and to help the library understand what they need, Fudan University Library has established the Subject Librarian System, by selecting and appointing subject librarians for some departments, who are responsible for collecting information from relevant departments so as to improve library service on specific subjects.

Subject librarians list


Department (School)











Arts & Humanities

School of Philosophy
School of Management
School of Marxism
College of Foreign 
Languages and Literatures


Liao Jianlan


+86 21 65643168-104

School of International Relations and Public Affairs

School of Journalism

Department of Cultural Heritage and Museology 

International Cultural Exchange School


Xu Xuan


+86 21 65643168-107

School of Economics
Fanhai International School of Finance
Research Institute for Higher Education 
Department of Tourism

Gu Congcong

+86 21 65643168-113

Department of Chinese Languages and Literatures

Chinese Classics Research Institute
Unearthed Documents and Ancient Writing Research Center
Center For Historical Geographical Studies

Song Yuanming

+86 54237485-101

Law School

Song Yajing

+86 21 51630043

Department of History

Shen Yang

+86 21 65643170-211

School of Social Development and Public Policy

Wang Wei

+86 21 65643170-202







Department of Physics
Institute of Modern Physics (Department of Nuclear Science and Technology)
Laboratory of Advanced Materials
Institute of Science and Technology for Brain-Inspired Intelligence

Zhang Min

+86 21 65649814

School of Life Sciences
School of Mathematical Sciences
School of Data Science


Li Mei


+86 21 65643168-102

School of Information Science and Technology
School of Micro-Electronics
Academy for Engineering & Technology


Zhou Yi


+86 21 65643168-106

Department of Chemistry
Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

Yang Xin

+86 21 65643168-108

School of Computer Science
Software School

Wang Chunhua

+86 21 65643168-109

Department of Environmental Science and Engineering
Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Li Ying

+86 21 65643168-101

Department of Materials Science, Department of Macromolecular Science

Wu Yulian

+86 21 65643168-116



Medical Science


School of Basic Medical Sciences
Institutes of Biomedical Sciences
Institutes of Brain Science
School of Nursing

Xin Jibin

+86 21 54237485

School of Public Health

Zhang Wei

+86 21 54237187

Zhongshan Hospital
Shanghai Cancer Center
Children's Hospital
Qingpu Hospital

Wang Yin

+86 21 54237485

Huashan Hospital, Eye & Ent 
Obstetrics & Gynecology Hospital

Wu Lijun

+86 21 54237485-104

Services for the corresponding subject departments include:

1  Communications services

If you want to know about the collection and service news (library bulletin, new e-resource etc.) of the Library, you may use the library communications services by e-mailing to the Subject librarians' e-mail addresses, noting the subject as the library communications services, and giving clear indication of your name, department, subject and class.

We will reply to your request in 2 working days. In order to guarantee your receiving the information immediately, please check your e-mail in time.

2  Providing instruction and training sessions on the use of the library resources

3  Providing reference service

4  Collecting, evaluating and selecting subject-related web resources

5  Understanding the information needs of faculty and students

6  Collecting opinions about the resources and services of the library, especially opinions on the subscriptions to subject-related journals, books and electronic resources