Giving to FDUL

Fudan University Library sincerely encourages the university staff and students, alumni, community groups and people of all circles to donate books, manuscripts and other types of documentation.

After the registration of the donated materials, the library will comply with the principle of “the best use”, and determine whether the materials can be added to the Library's holdings or not, according to the standards of collections. Once the materials are accepted, the FDUL becomes the owner of them, and reserves the right to determine retention, processing, cataloging treatment, and disposal in consideration of usage. Those which cannot be added to Fudan's holdings will be handled in the appropriate manner.

Individuals or groups wishing to donate materials to the library please contact:

Acquisition Department, Fudan University Library
No. 220 Handan Rd. , Shanghai , 200433

Phone: +86 21 6564 1069