Library Advisory Committee

Development of the library depends on the mutual efforts of librarians, staff, faculty and students. It's a good start to establish the Advisory Committee, which aims at strengthening the management of the Library, providing a channel for faculty to express their opinions and suggestions about collection development, so as to best meet the needs of readers. The committee was approved by the leaders of the university, and 32 advisory members recommended by the respective departments and schools were divided into four sub-committees, namely, humanities, social science, science, medical science.

Members of the Committee serve for two years, whose title must be associate professor at least, and they are voluntary. The Committee's main tasks are to get advices from the majority of faculty and to provide the suggestions on library management and development, significant procurement, document processing, and services.

Members of Fudan University Library Advisory Committee

(May 21, 2009)

 Humanities Sub-Committee (9 person)

Convener: Zhang Wei

Lin Hui(Department of Philosophy),Zhang Chong(College of Foreign Language and Literature), Hu Zhixiang(Department of Museum, Zhou zhenpeng(Research Institute for Geography and History, Wu Zhongwe(School of International Culture Communication ), Chen Shangjun(Department of Chinese Language and Literature), Yan Feng(Department of Chinese Language and Literature), Qian Zhenmin(Research Institute for ancient books), Zhang Wei(Department of History)

 Social Science Sub-Committee (7 person)

Convener: Lin Rongri

Cai Jiangnan(School of Economics), Chen Shi an(School of Journalism), Lin Rongri (Institute of Higher Education), Duan Kuang(School of Laws), Chen Mingming(School of International Relations and Public Affairs), Wang Shiping(School of Management), Xiao Wei(Department of Social Science Education )

 Science Sub-Committee (8 person)

Convener Yang Jingen

Wang Bin(School of Information Science and Engineering), Zhao Yiming(School of Information Science, School of Software), Zhang Hongdong(Department of Polymer Science), Sun Dalin(Department of Material Science), Lin Zhifang (Department of Physics), Yang Jingen(School of Mathematical Science), Wang Quanrui(Department of Chemistry), Nan Peng(School of Life Science ) .

 Medical Science Sub-Committee (8 person)

Convener: Qu Weidong

Zha Xiliang(Shanghai Medical College), Zhang Jinsheng(Shanghai Medical College), Bai Chunxue(Zhong Shan Hospital), Wu Wei(School of Pharmacy), Zhuo Weihai(Institute of Radiation Medicine),Zhang Yuqiu(Institute of Neural Biology), Hu Yan(School of Nursing), Qu Weidong(School of Public Health ) .