Master of Library Science

  About Master Degree Program

A program leading to master degree in library science is available at the Fudan University Documentation and Information Center (library) where there are five professors and twenty associate professors.The center annually admits 3 candidates for the three-year master degree program since 2004. .   

 Main Research Streams:

1. Social Science Literature Management and Utilization (Supervisor: Professor Wu ge) 
2. Research on Digital Library Application (Supervisor: Professor Xu Yixin) 
3. Research on Information Service (Supervisor: Professor Wen Guoqiang)

 Main scientific research projects for recent years:

1. Management and Utilization of Social Science Literature

Finishing or compiling Jia Ye Tang Book Collection, Siku Outstanding Bibliography Abstract Sequel,  Tiba of Qing Dynasty Classics , Weng Fanggang Sikuquanshu Abstract draft, Continuation of Sikuquanshu Content Abstract Content of the Collected Works of Yuan Dynasty, Content of the Ming Dynasty Works  and  Content of the Qing Dynasty Works , Siku Series Composite Index,  Ancient Book Compilation Over the Past 50 Years , All Prose of the Ming Dynasty  All Poems of the Ming Dynasty, Fudan University Library Collected China Research Literature (foreign language) Bibliographic Database.

2. Research on Digital Library Application 

Establishment of Cernet Virtual Medical Information Center.(a project of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission), China Remote Medical Experiments (a CMB project); Research on Web-published Medical Information; Research and Implementation of Virtual Reference Platform (a project of National Arts and Social Sciences), “Open Intelligent Large Library Management System” (a project of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission ), “FDU Dig 
ital Library Construction” (CALIS) .

3. Research on Information Service

“Object-oriented C/S Knowledge Base System and Its Application (a project of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission), Academic Instruction and Reference Information Management and Service System (a CALIS project ), “A Pilot System of 211 Key Disciplines ”(a CALIS project ), A Demonstration Project of Shanghai Urban Community Information Service (a project 863)

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