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    Chen Sihe was born in Shanghai in 1954, with ancestral home at Panyu, Guangdong Province. He is the distinguished professor and doctoral tutor of Fudan University. Chen was matriculated by the Department of Chinese Language and Literature of Fudan University in 1977, the first year in which the College Entrance Examination was resumed, and he became a teacher in the university as he graduated in January 1982. In 1993, he was employed by the university as a professor; during 2001-2012, he acted as the dean of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature. In particular, he was listed as one of the first Yangtze River Scholar Professors of humanities by the Ministry of Education in 2005 and granted by MOE with the National HEI Teacher Prize in 2007. At present, he is the director of Fudan University library, the member of the school board, the academic council and the academic degrees committee of Fudan University, and he also serves as the member of the national commission of China Writers Association, vice chairman of the municipal writers association of Shanghai, vice president of China Institute of Modern Literature and vice president of China Institute of Contemporary Literature, etc. His study is oriented to: China’s history of modern and contemporary literatures, comparison of Chinese and foreign literatures as well as the critics to contemporary literature, etc. He was conferred with the first class prizes due to his works like Chen Sihe Zi Xuan Ji (Chen Sihe’s Selected Collection) that is considered as the excellent academic works of philosophy and social sciences in Shanghai City, Zhongguo Dangdai Wenxueshi Jiaocheng (Course of Chinese Contemporary Literature History), which is a textbook used in China’s higher education institutes (HEIs) edited by Chen as editor-in-chief, and Shilun Wusi Xin Wenxue Yundong De Xianfengxing (On Pioneer Spirit of May 4’s New Literature Activities) which is assessed by the MOE as the excellent achievement of humanity science. in addition, his works of Bajin Tu Zhuang (Graphical Biography of Bajin) was nominated to win the National Excellent Book Prize.