The way of the Wall Street warrior : conquer the corporate game using tips, tricks, and smartcuts


【作  者】Dave Liu, Adam Snyder

【出版社】Wiley; 1st edition (November 9, 2021)


【索书号】F272.2 /L783 /E

【简  介】In The Way of the Wall Street Warrior, 25-year veteran investment banker and finance professional, Dave Liu, delivers a humorous and irreverent insider's guide to thriving on Wall Street or Main Street. Liu offers hilarious and insightful advice on everything from landing an interview to self-promotion to getting paid.

In this book, you'll discover: how to get that job you always wanted; why career longevity and success comes from doing the least amount of work for the most pay; how mastering cognitive biases and understanding human nature can help you win the rat race; how to make people think you're the smartest person in the room without actually being the smartest person in the room; how to make sure you do everything in your power to get paid well (or at least not get screwed too badly); and how to turn any weakness or liability into an asset to further your career.