COVID-19's impact on the cryptocurrency market and the digital economy


【作  者】Nadia Mansour, Salha Ben Salem
【出版社】Business Science Reference (May 20, 2022)
【索书号】F713.36 /C873 /E
【简  介】The digital revolution is impacting not only organizations but all areas of society. No sector of activity has been spared, and the survival of many organizations depends on their ability to transform and reinvent themselves in a new digital paradigm that is still very uncertain and relatively anxiety-provoking. Before tackling technological issues, it is important to ask the right questions and to acquire a minimum of digital culture that will enable the implementation of a transformation strategy and the use of appropriate technological tools. COVID-19's Impact on the Cryptocurrency Market and the Digital Economy proposes a dive into the digital ecosystem through a historical, sociological, political, and economic approach that supplies readers with a foundation they can build their future digital skills on. Covering topics such as cryptocurrency and economic resiliency, it is ideal for industry professionals, researchers, practitioners, scholars, academicians, and students.