Psychology as Ethics: Reading Jung with Kant, Nietzsche and Aristotle

【作  者】Giovanni Colacicchi



【索书号】B84-065 /C683 /E

【简  介】Through his clinical work and extensive engagement with major figures of the philosophical tradition, Jung developed an original and pluralistic psycho-ethical model based on the cooperation of consciousness with the unconscious mind.

By drawing on direct quotations from Jung’s collected works, The Red Book, and his interviews and seminars – as well as from seminal texts by Kant, Nietzsche, Aristotle and Augustine – Giovanni Colacicchi provides a philosophically grounded analysis of the ethical relevance of Jung’s analytical psychology and of the concept of individuation which is at its core. The author argues that Jung transforms Kant’s consciousness of duty into the duty to be conscious while also endorsing Nietzsche’s project of an individual ethics beyond collective morality. Colacicchi shows that Jung is concerned, like Aristotle, with the human need to acquire a balance between reason and emotions; and that Jung puts forward, with his understanding of the shadow, a moral psychology of the Christian notion of evil. Jung’s psycho-ethical paradigm is thus capable of integrating ethical theories which are often read as mutually exclusive.

Psychology as Ethics will be of interest to researchers in the history of ideas and the philosophy of the unconscious, as well as to therapists and counsellors who wish to place their psychodynamic work in its philosophical context. It will also be a key reference for undergraduate and postgraduate courses and seminars in Jungian and Post-Jungian studies, philosophy, psychoanalytic studies, psychology, religious studies and the social sciences.

The Belief in Intuition: Individuality and Authority in Henri Bergson and Max Scheler

【著  者】Adriana Alfaro Altamirano

【出版社】University of Pennsylvania Press


【索书号】B5 /A385 /E

【简  介】Within the Western tradition, it was the philosophers Henri Bergson and Max Scheler who laid out and explored the nonrational power of "intuition" at work in human beings that plays a key role in orienting their thinking and action within the world. As author Adriana Alfaro Altamirano notes, Bergon's and Scheler's philosophical explorations, which paralleled similar developments by other modernist writers, artists, and political actors of the early twentieth century, can yield fruitful insights into the ideas and passions that animate politics in our own time.

The Belief in Intuition shows that intuition (as Bergson and Scheler understood it) leads, first and foremost, to a conception of freedom that is especially suited for dealing with hierarchy, uncertainty, and alterity. Such a conception of freedom is grounded in a sense of individuality that remains true to its "inner multiplicity," thus providing a distinct contrast to and critique of the liberal notion of the self.

Focusing on the complex inner lives that drive human action, as Bergson and Scheler did, leads us to appreciate the moral and empirical limits of liberal devices that mean to regulate our actions "from the outside." Such devices, like the law, may not only carry pernicious effects for freedom but, more troublingly, oftentimes "erase their traces," concealing the very ways in which they are detrimental to a richer experience of subjectivity.

According to Alfaro Altamirano, Bergson's and Scheler's conception of intuition and personal authority puts contemporary discussions about populism in a different light: It shows that liberalism would only at its own peril deny the anthropological, moral, and political importance of the bearers of charismatic authority. Personal authority thus understood relies on a dense, but elusive, notion of personality, for which personal authority is not only consistent with freedom, but even contributes to it in decisive ways.

Social Media and the Automatic Production of Memory: Classification, Ranking and the Sorting of the Past

【作  者】Ben Jacobsen  (Author), David Beer  (Author)

【出版社】Bristol University Press


【索书号】C912.3 /J17 /E

【简  介】Social media platforms hold vast amounts of biographical data about our lives. They repackage our past content as ‘memories’ and deliver them back to us. But how does that change the way we remember? Drawing on original qualitative research as well as industry documents and reports, this book critically explores the process behind this new form of memory making. In asking how social media are beginning to change the way we remember, it will be essential reading for scholars and students who are interested in understanding the algorithmically defined spaces of our lives.

Smart cities : big data prediction methods and applications

【作  者】Hui Liu  (Author)



【索书号】C912.81 /L783 /E

【简  介】Smart Cities: Big Data Prediction Methods and Applications is the first reference to provide a comprehensive overview of smart cities with the latest big data predicting techniques.

This timely book discusses big data forecasting for smart cities. It introduces big data forecasting techniques for the key aspects (e.g., traffic, environment, building energy, green grid, etc.) of smart cities, and explores three key areas that can be improved using big data prediction: grid energy, road traffic networks and environmental health in smart cities. The big data prediction methods proposed in this book are highly significant in terms of the planning, construction, management, control and development of green and smart cities.

Including numerous case studies to explain each method and model, this easy-to-understand book appeals to scientists, engineers, college students, postgraduates, teachers and managers from various fields of artificial intelligence, smart cities, smart grid, intelligent traffic systems, intelligent environments and big data computing.

Between Realism and Revolt: Governing Cities in the Crisis of Neoliberal Globalism

【作  者】Jonathan Davies (Author)

【出版社】Bristol University Press


【索书号】D523.5-05 /D256 /E

【简  介】Leading governance theorist Jonathan S. Davies develops a rich comparative analysis of austerity governance and resistance in eight cities, to establish a conjunctural perspective on the rolling crises of neoliberal globalism. Drawing on a major international study of eight cities, Davies employs Gramscian regime analysis to consider the consolidation, weakening and transformation of urban governance regimes through the age of austerity. He explores how urban governance shapes variations in austere neoliberalism, tackling themes including collaboration, dominance, resistance and counter-hegemony. The book is a significant addition to thinking about how the era of austerity politics influences urban governance today, and the potential for alternative urban futures.

Behavioural Economics and Terrorism: Law Enforcement and Patterns of Behaviour

【作  者】Peter J. Phillips  (Author), Gabriela Pohl (Author)



【索书号】D815.5-05 /P562 /E

【简  介】Behavioural Economics and Terrorism can be used as a guide to help us think about thinking and, in doing so, to appreciate the deep quirkiness of human behaviour. Each day, people draw on their understanding of human behaviour. This takes place subconsciously for the most part but as situations become more complex it becomes necessary to think more deliberately about how people make their decisions. This book can be used to better understand human action in such contexts.

In the high-stakes world of counter-terrorism, every angle of advantage is critical. From terrorists’ operational choices to the way that information flows through intelligence agencies, the book explains the patterns of behaviour that systematically shape human decision-making, for good and for bad.

Decision-makers’ use of reference points, their loss aversion, overconfidence, goals and aspirations all shape their choices under conditions of risk and uncertainty. This book helps to shed light on how to use these concepts (and more) to develop deeper insights into the way in which terrorists think about their attack methods and targets.

Saving Stuyvesant Town: How One Community Defeated the Worst Real Estate Deal in History

【作  者】Daniel R. Garodnick  (Author)

【出版社】Three Hills


【索书号】F299.712 /G237 /E

【简  介】From city streets to City Hall and to Midtown corporate offices, Saving Stuyvesant Townis the incredible true story of how one middle class community defeated the largest residential real estate deal in American history. Lifetime Stuy Town resident and former City Councilman Dan Garodnick recounts how his neighbors stood up to mammoth real estate interests and successfully fought to save their homes, delivering New York City's biggest-ever affordable housing preservation win.

In 2006, Garodnick found himself engaged in an unexpected battle. Stuyvesant Town was built for World War II veterans by MetLife, in partnership with the City. Two generations removed, MetLife announced that it would sell Stuy Town to the highest bidder. Garodnick and his neighbors sprang into action. Battle lines formed with real estate titans like Tishman Speyer and BlackRock facing an organized coalition of residents, who made a competing bid to buy the property themselves. Tripped-up by an over-leveraged deal, the collapse of the American housing market, and a novel lawsuit brought by tenants, the real estate interests collapsed, and the tenants stood ready to take charge and shape the future of their community. The result was a once-in-a-generation win for tenants and an extraordinary outcome for middle-class New Yorkers.

Garodnick's colorful and heartfelt account of this crucial moment in New York City history shows how creative problem solving, determination, and brute force politics can be marshalled for the public good. The nine-year struggle to save Stuyvesant Town by these residents is an inspiration to everyone who is committed to ensuring that New York remains a livable, affordable, and economically diverse city.

Making time : world construction in the present-tense novel

【作  者】Carolin Gebauer (Author)

【出版社】De Gruyter

【索书号】I561.074 /G293 /E

【简  介】Responding to the current surge in present-tense novels, Making Time is an innovative contribution to narratological research on present-tense usage in narrative fiction. Breaking with the tradition of conceptualizing the present tense purely as a deictic category denoting synchronicity between a narrative event and its presentation, the study redefines present-tense narration as a fully-fledged narrative strategy whose functional potential far exceeds temporal relations between story and discourse. The first part of the volume presents numerous analytical categories that systematically describe the formal, structural, functional, and syntactic dimensions of present-tense usage in narrative fiction. These categories are then deployed to investigate the uses and functions of present-tense narration in selected twenty-first century novels, including Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall, Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake, Ian McEwan’s Nutshell, and Irvine Welsh’s Skagboys. The seven case studies serve to illustrate the ubiquity of present-tense narration in contemporary fiction, ranging from the historical novel to the thriller, and to investigate the various ways in which the present tense contributes to narrative worldmaking.

The origins of the world

【作  者】Editions Gallimard



【索书号】J995.61 /F469 /E  

【简  介】At the crossroads of science and art, this catalogue compares the main milestones of scientific discoveries with their parallels in the collective imagination

Featuring 300 works which testify on the influence of scientific discoveries on the imagination and art of the 19th century

Accompanies an exhibition at Musée d'Orsay in Paris: December 2020 – May 2021. The exhibition has been organized with the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts, Canada, which will take place from June - 27 September 2021

The 19th century saw an unprecedented development of the natural sciences. Darwinian theory questions the origins of man, his place in Nature, his links with animals and his own animality in a world now understood as an ecosystem. This upheaval in the sciences, as well as the public debates throughout the century, deeply influenced the artists. The Musée d'Orsay and the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal are devoting an exhibition to the intersection of science and the arts for the first time, in partnership with the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, which will retrace the themes of this questioning and will confront the main milestones of scientific discoveries with their parallel in the art.

Off-White: Yellowface and Chinglish by Anglo-American Culture

【作  者】Sheng-mei Ma (Author)

【出版社】Bloomsbury Academic


【索书号】J997.12 /M111 /E

【简  介】How do English-speaking novelists and filmmakers tell stories of China from a Chinese perspective? How do they keep up appearances of pseudo-Sino immanence while ventriloquizing solely in the English language? Anglo writers and their readers join in this century-old game of impersonating and dubbing Chinese. Throughout this wish fulfillment, writers lean on grammatical and conceptual frameworks of their mother tongue to represent an alien land and its yellowface aliens. Off-white or yellow-ish characters and their foreign-sounding speech are thus performed in Anglo-American fiction and visual culture; both yellowface and Chinglish are of, for, by the (white) people.

Off-White interrogates seminal Anglo-American fiction and film on off-white bodies and voices. It commences with one Nobel laureate, Pearl Buck, and ends with another, Kazuo Ishiguro, almost a century later. The trajectory in between illustrates that the detective and mystery genres continue unabated their stock yellowface characters, who exude a magnetic field so powerful as to pull in Japanese anime. This universal drive to fashion a foil is ingrained in any will to power, so much so that even millennial China creates an “off-yellow,” darker-hued Orient in Huallywood films to silhouette its global ascent.