Nietzsche's Values

【作  者】John Richardson

【出版社】Oxford University Press (2020)

【学术资源】Oxford Scholarship Online


【简介】The book gives a uniquely comprehensive philosophical analysis of Nietzsche’s thinking. It shows how this thinking has its unifying focus on values: both the past and prevailing values that his psychologies and genealogies explain and the new values that he himself creates and defends. It maps, in detail, the argumentative structure of his thinking as it bears on this central topic. It argues that his ultimate ambition is to show how we can incorporate the truth about values into our own valuing—and that he is therefore more deeply committed to truth than often supposed. The book’s chapters examine twelve key concepts, each at the heart of a network of problems and ideas. A first group of concepts (value, life, drives, affects) treats the bodily valuing he attributes to our drives and affects; a second group (human, words, nihilism, freedom) treats the valuing we carry out in our deeply flawed conception of ourselves as moral agents; the third group (the Yes, self, creating, Dionysus) projects the values he offers as the lesson of his critiques—values centered on a universal affirmation expressed in the idea of eternal return. Each chapter organizes the rich complexity of Nietzsche’s thought on its topic and works to resolve contradictions, often by showing how he treats the concepts and problems as historical. The book synthesizes these detailed analyses into a systematic picture of his thought.

At What Cost: Modern Capitalism and the Future of Health

【作者】Nicholas Freudenberg

【出版社】Oxford University Press (2021)

【学术资源】Oxford Scholarship Online


【简  介】Every day people decide what to eat, how to educate their children, where to find health care, and how to connect to others. For many, freely choosing a lifestyle defines the American dream. But in the 21st century, these choices are increasingly constructed by corporations and designed not to promote well-being, happiness, and planetary health, but to increase corporate profits and power. As a result, the decisions that corporations encourage individuals to make can lead to premature death, illness, or psychological distress as well as environmental pollution and social conflict. At What Cost: Modern Capitalism and the Future of Health maps the landscape of the changing role of capitalism in shaping health in America, documenting the human costs of the dominant political and economic system. It describes how globalization, financial speculation, monopoly concentration, and business control of science and technology have enhanced the ability of corporations and their allies to overwhelm influences of government, family, and community. It analyses how 21st-century capitalism structures the choices that affect the well-being of individuals, families, communities, and the planet. The book also explores how people, governments, civil society, and social movements are challenging corporate domination and forging alternative paths to a healthier, more sustainable world. While other books have explored pieces of this story, At What Cost offers a comprehensive analysis of the health consequences of modern capitalism. It provides citizens, parents, activists, scholars, and policy makers with the evidence they need to construct a better world for current and future generations.

1837: Russia's Quiet Revolution

【作者】Paul W. Werth

【出版社】Oxford University Press (2021)

【学术资源】Oxford Scholarship Online


【简  介】 Historians often think of Russia before the 1860s in terms of conservative stasis, when the ‘gendarme of Europe’ secured order beyond the country’s borders and entrenched the autocratic system at home. This book offers a profoundly different vision of Russia under Nicholas I. Drawing on an extensive array of sources, it reveals that many of modern Russia’s most distinctive and outstanding features can be traced back to an inconspicuous but exceptional year. Russia became what it did, in no small measure, because of 1837. The catalogue of the year’s noteworthy occurrences extends from the realms of culture, religion, and ideas to those of empire, politics, and industry. Exploring these diverse issues and connecting seemingly divergent historical actors, Paul W. Werth reveals that the 1830s in Russia were a period of striking dynamism and consequence, and that 1837 was pivotal for the country’s entry into the modern age. From the romantic death of Russia’s greatest poet, Alexander Pushkin, in January to a colossal fire at the Winter Palace in December, Russia experienced much that was astonishing in 1837: the railway and provincial press appeared, Russian opera made its debut, Orthodoxy pushed westward, the first Romanov visited Siberia—and much else besides. The cumulative effect was profound. The country’s integration accelerated, and a Russian nation began to emerge, embodied in new institutions and practices, within the larger empire. The result was a quiet revolution, after which Russia would never be the same.

Ethics and Animals: An Introduction (Second Edition)

【作者】Lori Gruen

【出版社】Cambridge University Press (2021)

【学术资源】Cambridge Books Online


【简介】In this comprehensive updated introduction to animal ethics, Lori Gruen weaves together poignant and provocative case studies with discussions of ethical theory, urging readers to engage critically and reflect empathetically on our relationships with other animals. In clear and accessible language, Gruen discusses a range of issues central to human-animal relations and offers a reasoned new perspective on key debates in the field. She analyses and explains a range of theoretical positions and poses challenging questions that directly encourage readers to hone their ethical reasoning skills and to develop a defensible position about their own practices. Her book will be an invaluable resource for students in a wide range of disciplines including ethics, environmental studies, veterinary science, gender studies, and the emerging field of animal studies. The book is an engaging account of animal ethics for readers with no prior background in philosophy.

Coping with Global Institutional Change: A Tale of India's Textile and Pharmaceutical Industries

【著者】Preet S. Aulakh, Raveendra Chittoor

【出版社】Cambridge University Press (2022)

【学术资源】Cambridge Books Online


【简介】Increased governance of international trade through supra-national institutions such as the World Trade Organization (WTO) has meant that national trade and organisational strategies need to be compatible with the norms of global institutions. Global institutional change impacts national economies and necessitates adaptation in ways that balance adherence to emerging norms while maintaining broad socioeconomic national objectives. This book focuses on two sector-specific global institutional changes initiated and implemented by the WTO in 2005 and examines how India's textile and pharmaceutical industries coped with these changes through coordinated efforts in the multi-level national institutional system comprised of the state, industry and individual business organisations. The findings of the book, which show both convergence and divergence across the two industries in the processes and outcomes of dealing with global institutional change, would be of interest to national policymakers as well as to scholars in multiple disciplines interested in the study of institutions and institutional change.

Taxing Sin

【作  者Michael Thom

【出版社】Palgrave Macmillan (2020)

【学术资源】SpringerLink Book


【简介】Conventional wisdom dictates that those goods which are said to cause harm or impose costs on society deserve a special tax. For centuries, governments have levied these "sin taxes" on alcohol and tobacco, but the list of taxable sins has now grown to include soda and marijuana, with calls to impose further taxes on plastic bags, meat, and even robots and carbon. Contrary to what experts and policymakers tell us, many of these alleged sins impose very little, if any, cost on society, and the harms that do exist can be minimized without resorting to tax. What follows in this book is a discussion of four case studies―on tobacco, marijuana, alcohol and soda―which make the case against the conventional wisdom in taxing these "sins", before concluding that when it comes to taxing sin, it is time for governments to forgive―and forget.

Shaping Psychology: Perspectives on Legacy, Controversy and the Future of the Field

【作者】Tomasz Witkowski

【出版社】Palgrave Macmillan (2020)

【学术资源】SpringerLink Book


【简介】 Shaping Psychology is a unique collection of in-depth conversations with a selection of the most influential psychologists working today, conducted at the end of a decade that shook psychological science. They provide insights into the controversies at the heart of contemporary psychology, revealing a clash of visions of what psychological science is all about and what its future holds. They are candid on the crisis in psychology and explore its causes, consequences and how to overcome it. They also discuss challenges in the field, their careers, and the experiences that shaped their worldview.

Those interviewed include pioneers who have shaped psychology as we know it today and who represent a wide range of specializations, from research to mental health practice, mainstream psychology to critical psychology and neuroscience to the Open Science movement.

Writing Plague: Language and Violence from the Black Death to COVID-19

【作  者】Alfred Thomas
【出版社】Palgrave Macmillan (2022)
【学术资源】SpringerLink Book

【简  介】Writing Plague: Language and Violence from the Black Death to COVID-19 brings a holistic and comparative perspective to “plague writing” from the later Middle Ages to the twenty-first century. It argues that while the human “hardware” has changed enormously between the medieval past and the present (urbanization, technology, mass warfare, and advances in medical science), the human “software” (emotional and psychological reactions to the shock of pandemic) has remained remarkably similar across time. Through close readings of works by medieval writers like Guillaume de Machaut, Giovanni Boccaccio, and Geoffrey Chaucer in the fourteenth century, select plays by Shakespeare, and modern “plague” fiction and film, Alfred Thomas convincingly demonstrates psychological continuities between the Black Death and COVID-19. In showing how in times of plague human beings repress their fears and fantasies and displace them onto the threatening “other,” Thomas highlights the danger of scapegoating vulnerable minority groups such as Asian Americans and Jews in today’s America. This wide-ranging study will thus be of interest not only to medievalists but also to students of modernity as well as the general reader.

Making the Modern Turkish Citizen: Vernacular Photography in the Early Republican Era

【作者】Özge Baykan Calafato

【出版社】I.B. Tauris (2022)

【学术资源】Bloomsbury collections


【简介】Based on an extensive photographic archive, the book shows that individuals actively reproduced, circulated and negotiated the ideal citizen-image imposed by the Kemalist regime, reflecting not only state-imposed directives but also their class aspirations and other, wider social and cultural developments of the period, from Western fashion trends and movies to the increasing availability of modern consumer items. Calafato also reveals that the freedom from state control afforded by personal cameras allowed the desired image to be sometimes tweaked by incorporating elements from Ottoman and Turkic traditions, by pushing the boundaries of gender norms or by introducing playfulness. Making the Modern Turkish Citizen offers a valuable portrait of the ongoing political and social changes on the lives of the Turkish middle class, and of how they saw and wanted to present themselves, privately and publicly.

Radio's Legacy in Popular Culture: The Sounds of British Broadcasting over the Decades

【作者】Martin Cooper

【出版社】Bloomsbury Academic (2022)

【学术资源】Bloomsbury collections


【简介】Radio's Legacy in Popular Culture examines work by novelists, film-makers, TV producers, and songwriters to uncover the manner in which the radio – and the act of listening – has been written about for the past hundred years. It is an accessible account of how radio has appeared in history and popular culture over the decades.

Ever since the first public wireless broadcasts, people have been writing about the radio: often negatively, sometimes full of praise, but always with an eye and an ear to explain, and offer an opinion, about what they think they have heard. Novelists including Graham Greene, Agatha Christie, Ernest Hemmingway, and James Joyce wrote about characters listening to this new medium with mixtures of delight, frustration, and despair. Clint Eastwood frightened moviegoers half to death in Play Misty for Me, but Lou Reed's Rock & Roll said listening to a New York station had saved Jenny's life. Frasier showed the urbane side of broadcasting, whilst Good Morning Vietnam exploded through transistor radios with a raw energy all of its own. Queen thought that all the audience heard was gaga, even as the Buggles said video had killed the radio star and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers lamented The Last DJ.

This book explores the cultural fascination with radio; the act of listening as a cultural expression – focusing on fiction, films and songs about radio. Martin Cooper, a broadcaster and academic, uses these movies, TV shows, songs, novels and more to tell a story of listening to the radio – as created by these contemporary writers, film-makers, and musicians