The Sixties in the News: How an Era Unfolded in American Newspapers, 1959-1973


【作  者】William J. Ryczek

【出版社】McFarland (November 17, 2020)


【索书号】 K712.54 /R991 /E

【简  介】 The 1960s were one of the most tumultuous periods in American history. Perceptions of race, gender and age changed dramatically, ripping away beliefs that had endured for generations. Newspapers, the primary source of information at the time, broadcasted all of these events, from important national news--such as President Nixon's efforts to end the Vietnam war--to more light-hearted affairs--such as a topless dancer's pursuit of the Stanford University student government presidency. Included in this book are examinations of newspaper articles from 1959 to 1973, to which the author provides background and often an epilogue showing what happened to some of the dramatic players. The subjects of sex, drugs, rock and roll, marriage, politics, entertainment, and more are discussed in both a serious and humorous vein, with the perspective of more than 50 years. For those who lived through the 1960s, this book will bring back memories. For those too young to remember the era, this is an opportunity to learn more about why parents are the way they are.