Is it okay to sell the Monet? : the age of deaccessioning in museums


【作  者】Julia Courtney

【出版社】Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (2018年10月15日)


【索书号】G260 /I73 /E

【简 介】Museums have moved beyond exclusively collections-based missions, and the economics of museums have tightened considerably. As a result, the tenor of the discussion around the practice of deaccessioning and use of its proceeds has become livelier, if not strident. While the professional associations continue to expect adherence to their standards, Boards of Trustees are looking at museum collections as assets that can potentially be monetized to support the museum’s mission or ensure its survival. 

As museum professionals and trustees engage in these discussions and make critical decisions for their institutions, they will benefit from a deeper understanding of the complex and nuanced aspects of deaccessioning, which this book presents anew.

Is It Okay to Sell the Monet? provides background on deaccessioning and disposal of deaccessioned objects and a context for changes in the field brought about by expanding missions and contracting resources. It includes an important discussion on how museums might utilize collections in new ways that benefit their visitors and communities. It provides practical guidance on the process of disposing of objects and explores the ethical standards of professional museum associations—examining their history, relevancy, and practical effect. It also delves into the complicated legal issues that sometimes challenge these ethical rules. Finally, it analyzes high profile museum case studies with important takeaways that will be useful for museums faced with similar circumstances.