Pragmatics, truth and underspecification : towards an atlas of meaning


【作  者】Ken Turner, Laurence Horn

【出版社】BRILL; Approx. XVIII, 342 Pp. ed. (201875)


【索书号】H03 /P898p2 /E

【简 介】The concept of meaning, since Frege initiated the linguistic turn in 1884, has been the subject of numerous theories, hypotheses, methodologies and distinctions. One distinction of considerable strategic value relates to the location of meaning: some aspects of meaning can be found in language and are modelled with semantic values of various kinds; some aspects of meaning can be found in communicative processes and are modelled with pragmatic inferences of one sort or another. One hypothesis of great heuristic utility concerns the relationship that is assumed between the semantic and the pragmatic. This collection of especially commissioned papers examines current thinking on the plausible nature of the semantic, the possible character of the pragmatic and the mechanics of their intersection.